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The Gastrobroker website is an open marketplace. First of all it is an open platform for buyers and sellers of premium wines and gastro products, to equalize all overstocks and/or shortages. It's a regulator for the premium wine market, national and international. This site enables the interested buyer and seller, to find the right products in the right place at best conditions. Gastrobroker is the place to fulfil the needs of buyers and sellers of premium gastronomy products and premium wines worldwide.

- For underaged users it is strictly forbidden to buy or sell any product on Gastrobroker.
- Entering and surfing is free of charge.
- The registration is free of charge.
- The listing of products to buy and sell is free of charge.
- By successful sales are no charges!

The Buyer and Seller remain anonymously As soon as a trade has been concluded the involved Buyer and Seller will be informed about name and contact-details. This is a unique occasion for all high class restaurants, hotel's  as well as private  wine collectors to individually sell to and buy from professionals. The wine-producers and wine-dealers are as well most welcome to present their products.

Gastrobroker Switzerland
Mr. Jules Fedorow
Daxelhoferstrasse 21
CH-3012 Bern

Gastrobroker Switzerland
Mr. Semih E. Seven

Sonnenstrasse 31
CH-2562 Port

E-Mail: info@gastrobroker.com

Bank Connection:
SoBa Baloise Bank
Amthausplatz 1
CH-4500 Solothurn

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